How to Maintain a Queensland Floor and Prevent Scratches.

Maintaining your floor will not only enhance its natural beauty; it will also increase the life expectancy of the coating and the floor. As a tip always provide a good dirt trap mat at the front and back doors, this will help eliminate dirt, sand, grit and other abrasives from being walked onto the floor and subsequently scratching the coating.

Also provide a mat in areas of heavy traffic like the kitchen sink, as the swiveling action from the balls of your feet can act like a small sander if grit is walked through the house, and shorten the life of the coating.

Try to always wipe or mop up spills immediately, preventing any chance of swelling or staining of the floor or the coating.

floor care

Cleaning Your Floor

When cleaning your floor try to use an electro-static broom (if not a soft brush broom is fine) 

floor care 2


Always use a DAMP mop never a Wet one. In a bucket of warm to hot water you can use a few drops of a MILD detergent.

Do not use any cleaning agents such as JIFF- HANDY ANDY- AMWAY- or SOLVENTS

It is important to allow the floor to cure, and it is recommended to not lay mats and or Rugs on your newly coated floor for a minimum of two weeks.

*All furniture must have soft felt underneath. Recommended product, FELT GUARD

Additionally, Rugs with rubber backings should not be used as it can tend to stain the floor. Please use your own discretion when purchasing underlay/protection for your Rugs.

Please remember that floors are designed for human traffic and not dogs (large or small) and they will decrease the life of your floor and the coating.