Amidst the thriving heart of Darra, a Brisbane suburb rich in heritage and warmth, stands Quality Floors by Max Francis – your go-to destination for immaculate timber floor sanding and polishing. We don’t just offer a service; we deliver an experience that shines through every grain of wood.

Quality Craftsmanship Meets Darra's Authenticity

In Darra, where every nook narrates a tale, it’s essential for timber floors to complement the area’s genuine character. At Quality Floors by Max Francis, we ensure that our top-notch services are within everyone’s reach, blending affordability with unparalleled quality.

Timber's True Potential: Unveiling Beyond Floors

Our timber expertise is not confined to just the floors. Our vision extends to amplifying the inherent beauty of all wooden structures within your sanctuary.

Polished wooden floor in the kitchen

Majestic Staircases: Step Up with Style

Every staircase tells a story. We transform each step, making it not only a means to ascend but also a reflection of timeless elegance.

Verandas, Decks & Patios: The Outdoor Enchantment

Darra’s splendid outdoors is worth every accolade. We refine your verandas, decks, and patios, turning them into mesmerising spots that resonate with Darra’s ambient charm.

wooden flooring

Quality Floors by Max Francis: A Promise of Precision

With a blend of traditional techniques and innovative tools, our team promises perfection in every phase. From sanding to finishing, expect a brilliance that reflects our commitment to your timber.

Our Legacy in Darra: Trust Carved in Timber

Throughout Darra, our name resounds not just as service providers but as craftsmen who have etched beauty into numerous homes and businesses. The trust we’ve fostered is evident in the radiant floors and glowing testimonials.

Before and after floor polishing

Become a Part of Our Lustrous Lineage

For us, every project is a new story, a fresh canvas. We invite you to be a character in our tale of timber transformations, and witness a service that sets benchmarks in Darra.

When your timber calls for a touch of finesse, think of Quality Floors by Max Francis. Reach out today and let us paint your Darra property with the exquisite hues of polished timber. Your floors deserve a dance of dazzle, and we are here to orchestrate it.

floor sanding and polishing

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