Acacia Ridge, with its diverse Brisbane heritage and thriving communities, deserves a floor service that complements its essence. Enter Quality Floors by Max Francis, where the lustre of perfectly polished timber meets the charm of this vibrant suburb.

Timber Excellence at Acacia Ridge’s Doorstep

Within the heart of Brisbane, Acacia Ridge stands distinct, and so do its homes and businesses. It’s our mission to further accentuate this uniqueness, offering both affordability and unmatched expertise in timber floor sanding and polishing.

Unearthing the Beauty: Beyond the Floors

Our timber passion, while deeply rooted in floors, knows no bounds. We are dedicated to spotlighting the allure of every wooden structure gracing your space.

Staircases: Crafting Ascending Beauty

Every staircase, with its twists and turns, has a story to tell. We amplify this narrative, transforming each step into an eloquent tale of timber artistry.

Open Air Marvels: Decks, Patios & Verandas

In Acacia Ridge, where outdoor moments matter, we rejuvenate your timber sanctuaries. Whether hosting BBQs on decks or savouring quiet moments on verandas, experience them with renewed splendour.

Before and after floor polishing

The Hallmark of Quality Floors by Max Francis

Our devotion to timber is evident in our meticulous methods. With state-of-the-art tools and a craftsman’s touch, we promise to sand, polish, buff, and finish your wooden spaces into unparalleled masterpieces.

A Trusted Timber Trademark in Acacia Ridge

While our work shines in the homes and establishments of Acacia Ridge, our true achievement lies in the trust and relationships we’ve nurtured. Our legacy is etched not just on floors, but in the heart of the community.

Join the Journey of Timber Transformation

With every project, we script a new chapter of timber tales in Acacia Ridge. We warmly invite you to partake in this transformative saga, witnessing a metamorphosis that mirrors Acacia Ridge’s spirit.

Residents and businesses of Acacia Ridge, if timber brilliance is what you seek, Quality Floors by Max Francis is the beacon. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey where every grain, every plank, and every timber inch gleams with perfection. Celebrate Acacia Ridge’s spirit with floors that reflect its radiant character.

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