In the verdant embrace of St Lucia, where Brisbane’s riverside allure meets academic prowess, Quality Floors by Max Francis stands as the hallmark of timber refinement. In this prestigious suburb, we not only polish timber but also hone it to mirror St Lucia’s legacy of elegance and excellence.

Crafting Timber Excellence, One Grain at a Time

In line with St Lucia’s sophisticated charm, we offer impeccable timber treatments, ensuring that every floor resonates with the suburb’s distinctive character. By marrying affordability with craftsmanship, we pave the way for Brisbane’s finest timber transformations.

Beyond Floors: A Canvas of Timber Possibilities

Our dedication transcends beyond just floors. Every timber aspect of your establishment, be it grand or subtle, is a canvas awaiting our masterful touch.

Staircases: Ascend with Elegance

In St Lucia’s architectural landscape, staircases serve as links between tales of tradition and modernity. With our meticulous attention, they become elegant landmarks within your space, each step echoing unparalleled craftsmanship.

Verandas, Decks & Patios: Celebrating Riverside Relaxation

St Lucia’s riverside spirit is undeniable. We accentuate this essence by perfecting your outdoor timber domains, ensuring that your verandas and decks are pristine stages for cherished moments by the river.

Before and after floor polishing

The Max Francis Promise: Dedication in Every Detail

Our reputation is built on consistency, precision, and an undying love for timber. From the initial sanding to the final buff, we commit ourselves to a standard of excellence that St Lucia rightly deserves.

Trust, Tradition, Timber: Our St Lucia Story

Across the streets of St Lucia, from riverside homes to business hubs, our timber transformations have left indelible marks. However, more than our handiwork, it’s the trust we’ve nurtured that stands as our crowning achievement.

Join St Lucia's Timber Renaissance

We see every new project as a fresh chapter in St Lucia’s evolving timber tale. And we invite you, the residents and businesses of St Lucia, to co-create these enduring stories with us.

St Lucia, a place of prestige and pride, calls for a timber touch that complements its stature. With Quality Floors by Max Francis, you are not just getting a service, but an experience tailored to St Lucia’s unique aura. Dive into this timber journey with us today, and let your spaces shimmer with the authentic glow of St Lucia.

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