In the vibrant suburb of Toowong, where Brisbane’s charm is unmistakably felt, Quality Floors by Max Francis emerges as the artisanal touchpoint for all your timber floor needs. We aren’t just experts; we’re enthusiasts who cherish the grace and grandeur of well-polished timber.

Experience Affordability, Embrace Quality

Toowong’s historic essence and contemporary flair deserve flooring that complements its spirit. With Quality Floors by Max Francis, you get to embellish your spaces with our affordable yet superior floor sanding and polishing solutions.

Before and after floor polishing

Timber Treasures: Beyond Just Flooring

Wood, in all its forms, captivates. Our services are crafted to ensure every wooden structure within your domain radiates an ethereal glow.

Staircases: The Wooden Journey Upwards

Transforming every tread and riser, we ensure your staircases aren’t just functional, but also pieces of art, echoing the beauty of the timber.

Verandas, Decks & Patios: Reviving Outdoor Elegance

In Toowong, the outdoors matter as much as the indoors. We give your verandas, decks, and patios the sheen they deserve, turning them into delightful spots for leisure and memories.

The Distinctive Quality Floors Promise

Precision, dedication, and unmatched skill – that’s our promise to you. Our team wields modern machinery and techniques to deliver flawless sanding, buffing, and finishing, ensuring every grain of wood shines with perfection.

The Toowong Testament: A Legacy of Trust

As the streets of Toowong echo with tales of our craftsmanship, our pride isn’t just in the floors we’ve transformed, but in the bonds we’ve nurtured. Homes, offices, shops – our touch has made them glow, garnering trust and accolades along the way.

Join the Quality Floors Odyssey

Every wooden surface we polish, every floor we restore, adds a chapter to our story. We invite you to be a part of this narrative, a journey of timber transformation unparalleled in Toowong.

When it’s about timber, only the best will do. Contact Quality Floors by Max Francis today, and let us redefine elegance for your Toowong space. Let every footstep on your timber be a dance of light and luxury.

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