Nestled within the vibrant precinct of Ascot, Brisbane, Quality Floors by Max Francis stands as a beacon of excellence for all your timber floor restoration needs. Our mastery in floor sanding and polishing is unparalleled, ensuring each grain of your timber radiates beauty.

Affordable Excellence for Every Timber Surface

Budget-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on quality. At Quality Floors by Max Francis, we’re deeply committed to bringing affordability without skimping on the finesse your floors deserve. Whether you’re revamping a vintage Brisbane home, giving a new shine to a local business, or simply looking to breathe new life into your beloved spaces, our team is ready to make your vision come alive.

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Comprehensive Timber Floor Solutions

Our services stretch beyond just floors. We understand that timber beautification can be desired at various spots within a residence or commercial establishment.

From Staircases to Verandas

Whether it’s the grandeur of an elegant staircase or the laid-back charm of a veranda, we treat every timber surface with equal dedication. Every nook, corner, and step receives our meticulous attention.

Decks and Patios - A Radiant Outdoor Experience

An outdoor timber space, be it a deck or patio, isn’t just an extension of your home or business. It’s a testament to style and taste. Let us transform it into an enviable retreat, where every plank gleams with renewed vigour.

wooden floor

The Quality Floors by Max Francis Promise

When you choose us, you’re not just opting for a service. You’re embracing a promise of unparalleled craftsmanship, timely deliveries, and a commitment to perfection. Our seasoned professionals utilise cutting-edge equipment, ensuring each sanding, polishing, buffing, and finishing process is performed with utmost precision.

Why Ascot Trusts Us

Ascot’s distinct charm is echoed in its timeless architecture and stylish interiors. Our history of transforming countless floors in this locality has made us a trusted name. Our satisfied customers, both homeowners and businesses alike, vouch for our dedication and expertise.

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Join Our Legacy of Satisfied Clients

Quality Floors by Max Francis has transformed spaces, one floor at a time. Be it the rustic allure of timber floors in historic homes or the modern aesthetics of business establishments, we’ve made our mark. Let your space be the next testament to our commitment to excellence.

Ready to embark on a timber transformation journey? Get in touch today and let the experts at Quality Floors by Max Francis make your Ascot space shine brighter than ever.

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