Amid Carindale’s picturesque streets and lively Brisbane vibe, Quality Floors by Max Francis arises as the touchstone of timber finesse. When the magnificence of perfectly sanded and polished timber intersects with Carindale’s character, a luminous transformation unfolds.

Perfectly Polished, Distinctly Carindale

Every nook of Carindale holds a unique story, and we ensure that its timber floors are no different. Marrying affordability with unmatched craftsmanship, we illuminate Brisbane homes and businesses with our signature shimmer.

Crafting Timber Tales Beyond the Floors

While floors remain our forte, our expertise radiates across all timber surfaces, manifesting beauty in every grain and groove.

Staircases: A Symphony in Timber

Each step of a staircase harbours potential – potential we unlock, making it not just a pathway between spaces, but a journey through exquisite craftsmanship.

Verandas, Decks & Patios: Celebrating Carindale Outdoors

Carindale’s charm extends beyond its interiors. We pay homage to this by revitalizing your external timber spaces, turning decks and verandas into your favourite alfresco destinations.

The Quality Floors by Max Francis Assurance

Our commitment is crystallized in our precision-driven process. Sanding, buffing, polishing, finishing – every stage reflects our deep respect for timber and our dedication to your satisfaction.

Carved in Timber: Our Carindale Legacy

Our handiwork graces countless establishments in Carindale, but our proudest accomplishment is the trust we’ve built. As much as our work, it’s the relationships we’ve forged that stand testament to our excellence.

Join the Journey of Timber Transformation

Each project is a fresh canvas, a new opportunity to script tales of timber transformation. We invite Carindale’s residents and businesses to be co-authors in this captivating chronicle.

Carindale, the canvas of your timber dreams awaits. With Quality Floors by Max Francis, those dreams transcend to radiant reality. Contact us today. Together, let’s etch a tale in timber, celebrating Carindale’s essence with floors and structures that are as distinctive as the suburb itself.

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