In New Farm, where Brisbane’s eclectic charm intertwines with a rich tapestry of history, Quality Floors by Max Francis stands tall as the embodiment of timber perfection. Journey with us to a world where every wooden surface becomes a canvas of brilliance.

New Farm's Fusion: Modern Techniques, Timeless Beauty

Rooted in New Farm’s unique essence, we take pride in rejuvenating Brisbane’s homes and businesses, delivering a perfect blend of affordable and exemplary floor sanding and polishing services. With us, the legacy of timber is not just preserved but elevated.

An Ode to Timber: More Than Just Floors

Our craftsmanship, while unparalleled in floors, extends its embrace to every timber element of your abode or business.

Staircases: Elegance in Every Elevation

staircase is more than a passage; it’s an architectural statement. We magnify its essence, ensuring every ascent is a walk through art.

Outdoor Timber Spaces: Nature's Theatre

New Farm celebrates outdoor living, and we enhance that joy. Be it a veranda, deck or patio, we metamorphose them into stages that spotlight nature’s plays.

The Quality Floors Commitment: Craftsmanship in Every Grain

Our team, armed with precision tools and a passionate spirit, pledges to turn every sanding, buffing, and finishing process into a masterstroke. At Quality Floors by Max Francis, every timber grain is a testament to our dedication.

Why New Farm Chooses Us: A Bond Built on Brilliance

Our story in New Farm is not just about the floors we’ve adorned but about the trust we’ve woven into the community’s fabric. Homes, boutiques, offices – our signature touch gleams across the suburb.

Be Part of Our Gleaming Legacy

Every project is a chapter in our ongoing tale of timber triumphs. We beckon you to be a protagonist in this epic, experiencing timber transformation like never before in New Farm.

For those in New Farm seeking more than just a service, but a timber transformation experience, Quality Floors by Max Francis is your answer. Reach out today, and let your spaces radiate with the unmatched sheen of expertly polished timber. With us, every timber tells a tale. Let yours be one of sheer elegance.

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