In the historic and bustling suburb of Paddington, where Brisbane’s architectural gems meet trendy lifestyles, Quality Floors by Max Francis shines as the quintessential choice for timber floor excellence. Here, every wooden grain is not just polished but is given a new lease of life, reflecting Paddington’s vibrant spirit.

Capturing Paddington’s Essence with Every Timber Touch

True to the dynamic pulse of Paddington, we craft floors that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary flair. Our promise? Delivering unparalleled timber floor sanding and polishing that is as budget-friendly as it is beautiful.

Breathing Life Beyond the Floors

Our mission doesn’t stop at the floors. We see beauty in every timber facet of your space, turning them into works of art.

Staircases: The Ladder to Elegance

In Paddington’s unique landscapes, staircases are pathways connecting stories. We ensure these stories shine through with our impeccable touch, making each ascent and descent an exquisite experience.

Decks, Verandas & Patios: Paddington’s Outdoor Grandeur

The outdoor spirit of Paddington deserves the finest timber treatment. Whether it’s tranquil moments on a veranda or vibrant deck gatherings, we make sure the stage is set to perfection.

grey wash wooden flooring

The Craftsmanship Seal of Quality Floors by Max Francis

Dedication, precision, and a touch of creativity define our approach. Every sand, polish, and buff is executed with a passion that resonates with the zest of Paddington.

Our Legacy: Trust and Timber in Tandem

As the streets of Paddington narrate tales of history and modernity, our timber transformations across homes and businesses add to these tales. The trust we’ve cultivated is as evident as the sheen on our polished floors.

Weave Your Timber Tale in Paddington

Every timber project we undertake is an opportunity to script a new story. And we invite the vibrant community of Paddington to be a part of this narrative.

Paddington, with its distinct blend of old-world charm and new-age verve, deserves nothing short of timber excellence. With Quality Floors by Max Francis, that excellence is but a call away. Engage with us today and let your spaces, from floors to patios, echo the timeless allure that is quintessentially Paddington.

Before and after floor polishing
Old wooden floor in the kitchen

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